Systems Research

The Systems Research group focuses mostly on the performance and reliability of engineering systems. It focuses on projects that enable new software capabilities important for a RiskOps Platform, and improve systems characteristics such as memory, storage, computation, latency, throughput, availability, cloud cost, reliability and stability, etc.

Research Focus:

  • Streaming Engines
  • Graph-based storages
  • ML infrastructure
  • Distributed processing

Recent Publications

Lightweight Automated Feature Monitoring for Data Streams

João Conde, Ricardo Moreira, João Torres, Pedro Cardoso, Hugo Ferreira, Marco O. P. Sampaio, João Tiago Ascensão, Pedro Bizarro

Published at KDD 2022 - AutoML workshop

PDF | arXiv

Railgun: managing large streaming windows under MAD requirements

Ana Sofia Gomes, João Oliveirinha, Pedro Cardoso, Pedro Bizarro

Published at VLDB 2021 conference

PDF | arXiv | VLDB proceedings | Feedzai Techblog | bibtex | Youtube

Interleaved Sequence RNNs for Fraud Detection

Bernardo Branco, Pedro Abreu, Ana Sofia Gomes, Mariana S.C. Almeida, João Tiago Ascensão, Pedro Bizarro

Published at KDD 2020 conference

PDF | arXiv | bibtex | Feedzai Techblog | Youtube

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