Feedzai granted patents

Feedzai continuously invests in innovation, developing new products and intellectual property. We have more than 30 patents pending and a growing list of granted patents, stemming from proprietary and novel work by our Engineers and Data Scientists. These patents have a tangible positive impact on our solutions and differentiate Feedzai as a world class market leader and help our customers fight fraud and financial crime.

The information on this webpage is provided to satisfy the patent legal requirements of various jurisdictions. This list of Feedzai patents may not be all-inclusive. Numerous additional patent applications are pending in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, European Union, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Portugal. This page will be updated periodically when new patents are issued.

Patent name

Patent number

Apparatus and method for data stream processing using massively parallel processors


Automatic detection of points of compromise


Computer memory management during real-time fraudulent transaction analysis


Distributed streaming system supporting real-time sliding windows


Hierarchical machine learning model for performing a decision task and an explanation task


Automatic model monitoring for data streams


Adaptive threshold estimation for streaming data


Automated rules management system


Weakly Supervised Multi-task Learning for Concept-based Explainability


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