AI Research

The AI group has a mission of building the next-gen RiskOps AI to safeguard businesses and people from fraud and financial crime that is responsible and explainable by design. The group aims to reimagine financial services, risk management and financial crime prevention through the lens of state-of-the-art Human-Centered AI and propose product solutions to significant problems, such as identity, detection, and automation, while mitigating bias and promoting transparency.

Research Focus:

  • AI in Financial Services
  • AutoML
  • AI safety, fairness, privacy, robustness
  • ML Monitoring, Explainability and Observability
  • Deep Learning & Network Science

Recent Publications

The GANfather: Controllable generation of malicious activity to improve defence systems

Ricardo Ribeiro Pereira, Jacopo Bono, João Tiago Ascensão, David Aparício, Pedro Ribeiro, Pedro Bizarro


From random-walks to graph-sprints: a low-latency node embedding framework on continuous-time dynamic graphs

Ahmad Naser Eddin, Jacopo Bono, David Aparício, Hugo Ferreira, João Ascensão, Pedro Ribeiro, Pedro Bizarro

arXiv | Poster | Youtube

A Case Study on Designing Evaluations of ML Explanations with Simulated User Studies

Ada Martin, Valerie Chen, Sérgio Jesus, Pedro Saleiro

Published at ICLR 2023 workshop Trustworthy ML


Fairness-Aware Data Valuation for Supervised Learning

José Pombal, Pedro Saleiro, Mário A. T. Figueiredo, Pedro Bizarro

Published at ICLR 2023 workshop Trustworthy ML

arXiv | Youtube

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