Feedzai Research regularly publishes a variety of updates, interviews, talks, and other presentations. Think of this section as a series of post cards from our journey to continuously explore new ideas and technologies to shape the next generation of how we reinvent the fight against fraud and financial crime.

“Turning the tables” paper and fairness testing datasets presented at NeurIPS’2022

Paper, datasets, datasheets, and code are available

30 Nov 2022
Our LaundroGraph algorithm hits the news posts news article on LaundroGraph

24 Nov 2022
Winners revealed for the Feedzai Women in Science scholarships

Msc Scholarships: Mariana Lima, Ana Gutiérrez, and Isabel Portugal. Phd scholarship: Maria Osório

4 Nov 2022
Feedzai releases FairGBM in open-source for non-commercial uses

16 Sep 2022
Another year with multiple papers at KDD

"Lightweight Automated Feature Monitoring […]" @KDD-AutoML and "Understanding Unfairness in Fraud Detection […]" @KDD-MLF workshops

19 Jul 2022
Two papers accepted at ICML workshops

“Human-AI Collaboration […] Learning to Defer”@ICML-HMCaT + “Prisoners of Their Own Devices: How Models Induce Data Bias […]”@ICML-RDMDE

8 Jul 2022
Feedzai Women in Science scholarships at Técnico now open

The scholarships support women, students or future students, for either Msc or Phd programs at Instituto Superior Técnico.

30 Jun 2022
Paper and poster accepted at EuroVis 2022

"Data+Shift: Supporting visual investigation of data distribution shifts by data scientists", helps to identify what changed and when.

18 Jun 2022
Summer internships open

Vacancies in the Research department in Machine Learning, Systems Research and Data Visualization

18 May 2022
Paper accepted at the ICLR 2022 PAIRStruct workshop

Our work "ConceptDistil: Model-Agnostic Distillation of Concept Explanations" presents an approach to bring concept explanations to any black-box classifier, being a deep learning model or gradient boosting.

29 Apr 2022

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