BreachRadar: Automatic Detection of Points-of-Compromise

Miguel Araújo, Miguel Almeida, Jaime Ferreira, Luís Silva, Pedro Bizarro

Published at SIAM SDM 2017 conference

AI Research


Bank transaction fraud results in over $13B annual losses for banks, merchants, and card holders worldwide. Much of this fraud starts with a Point-of-Compromise (a data breach or a ”skimming” operation) where credit and debit card digital information is stolen, resold, and later used to perform fraud. We introduce this problem and present an automatic Points-of-Compromise (POC) detection procedure. BreachRadar is a distributed alternating algorithm that attributes to the different possible locations a probability of being compromised. We implement this method using Apache Spark and show its linear scalability in the number of machines and transactions. BreachRadar is applied to two datasets with billions of real transaction records and fraud labels where we provide multiple examples of real Points-of-Compromise we are able to detect. We further show the effectiveness of our method when injecting Points-of-Compromise in one of these datasets, simultaneously achieving over 90% precision and recall when only 10% of the cards have been victims of fraud.

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